Corporate profile

Provepharm Solutions is a CMO/CRO founded in 2003 and acquired by Provence Technologies (now Provepharm Solutions) in 2014.

Provepharm Solutions specializes in the chemical synthesis (SPPS) of long peptides (>50 aa).
With a strong background in immunology, Provepharm Solutions has developed several polyepitopic peptides for vaccines against infectious diseases and cancer, and is able to produce under GMP conjugated peptides, MAP peptides and lipopeptides. the company also works in the field of toxins with the synthesis of 60 mer peptides 2, 3 fingers containing up to 4 disulfide bridges. Provepharm Solutions holds the exclusive licence of a unique technology of native ligation SEA from Lille University and CNRS . This technology offers an efficient, qualitative and cost-effective alternative to recombinant technology.